Beaver and Woodchuck

Here are some pictures of North Americas largest rodent, the Beaver as well as photos of Woodchucks or Groundhogs. Since there are not too many Beavers left in Canada they can sometimes be hard to photograph, but with good luck you will see these large rodents and can even get close to them. When they get startled they will slam their tail into the water and dive. The other mammal in this post the Woodchuck makes their buroughs along hillsides and river banks, and are often seen in Late March or Early April.

Here are my photos.

3 thoughts on “Beaver and Woodchuck

  1. I’ve never seen a beaver though we have a pond nearby that have built a lodge in. Groundhogs, another story, they are a fixture in my yard, we have a den with an entrance in our hedge, and generations of them since we moved here 17 years ago, including 2 small ones this year.


  2. These are fantastic photos, Shawn!!! About a month ago we realized that a rather large beaver is living in the pond right behind our house. It’s in some dense woods on the undeveloped property we are right by. He’s downed quite a few trees and has a fromidable dam going. We’ve heard him slapping his tail on the ground/water and jumping into the pond…..but have yet to see him!!! Hopefully….hopefully…🤣 Thank You for this! Cheers!!! 🙂


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