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About The Artist

My name is Shawn Thompson, I am an Acrylic Artist who specializes in painting Landscapes, Birds and Animals. The main theme in my art is light and colour. I use lots of glazes in my paintings and light shines through them like stained glass. I also do Pointillism, where the image is composed entirely of dots.

I have entered 5 shows through Focus Art, and  won an Honourable Mention in 2016 for  my Pointillism Painting “The Blue Waters Of April” I plan on painting many more paintings, and entering many more shows. Art and Design have been a part of my life from a young age, and have always had a deep interest in nature and the outdoors. Many of my paintings are inspired by my photography work.

Besides Acrylic Painting I also do Watercolour and Pencil Drawings, but do this more as practice before I create an Acrylic Painting. A lot of thought goes into my art and it takes several months from concept to final execution.

I studied Graphic Design at St Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario and graduated in 2010. Although I really enjoyed Graphic Design, I found it hard dealing with the people, due to anxiety, and struggled with jobs. This led me to pursue art as a hobby, and allowed me the time to create my work.

I currently live in Cornwall, Ontario. My home town and create a lot of art of the surrounding region.




Blue Waters of April Pointillism Painting 2016