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My name is Shawn Thompson, I am an Acrylic Artist who specializes in painting Landscapes, Birds, and Animals. The main theme in my art is light and colour. I use lots of glazes in my paintings and light shines through them like stained glass. I also do Pointillism, where the image is composed entirely of dots.

I have entered many shows through Focus Art and won an Honourable Mention in 2016 for my Pointillism Painting “The Blue Waters Of April” I plan on painting many more paintings and entering many more shows. Art and Design have been a part of my life from a young age, and I have always had a deep interest in nature and the outdoors. Many of my paintings are inspired by my photography work.

I am also very interested in the systems and patterns of the natural world, like how branches on a tree branch off into smaller branches, or the pattern of rivers branching into smaller channels as seen in aerial photos. Everything in the natural world has its own visual characteristics. Two oak trees, for instance, may look very different, but they still have a similar aesthetic and grow in similar ways.

Besides Acrylic Painting I also do Watercolour and Pencil Drawings but do this more as practice before I create an Acrylic Painting. A lot of thought goes into my art and it takes several months from concept to final execution.

I currently live in Cornwall, Ontario. My home town and create a lot of art of the surrounding region.

I studied Graphic Design at St Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario, and graduated in 2010. Recently, I have been trying to get back into design. In 2022 I started a small Freelance Graphic Design business, and although this business is in its earliest stages, I am organized, and the future looks bright.

Check out my Graphic Design Portfolio at https://shawnthompson.work/