Spring 2020

Here are my photos from spring 2020, I did not go as far this year due to the covid lockdown, but I did manage to get some good photos still.

I’m very late posting this, mainly because I have been doing much less photography in the second half of the summer due to a broken lenscap and a very slow delay to get a new one.

I took a lot of photos of spring flowers this year, as well as scenery and forest scenes.

I hope you enjoy!

Azelea 2020 4
Azelea 2020


Azelea 2020 9
Azelea 2020


Bloodroot 2020 8
Bloodroot 2020


Bloodroot moss 2
Bloodroot moss


Trillium dazzle 1
Trillium dazzle 2020


Trillium dazzle 5
Trillium dazzle 2020


Cloudy bay 2
Cloudy bay 2020


Cloudy bay 4
Cloudy bay 2020


Blue Sailboat 1
Blue Sailboat 2020


Blue sail 4
Blue sail 2020


Shit creek
Shit creek


Mc Connell trail4
Mc Connell trail


Down the hill
Down the hill


Trillium hill cloudy
Trillium hill cloudy 2020


Long sault forest 1
Long sault forest 2020


Rhodedondron may 2020 5
Rhodedondron May 2020


Rhodedondron may 2020 6
Rhodedondron May 2020 6


Victoria weekend2
Victoria weekend 2020


Weigelia 2020 20
Weigelia 2020


Weigelia 2020 10
Weigelia 2020


Weigelia 2020 4
Weigelia 2020


Dipladenia may 2020
Dipladenia may 2020


Dipladenia flowerbasket2
Dipladenia flowerbasket 2020


Impatien garden1
Impatien garden 2020


Daffodils 2020


Begonias flowerbasket2
Begonias flowerbasket


Clematis vine 11
Clematis vine 2020


Clematis vine 2020 10
Clematis vine 2020


Long sault grey 12
Long sault grey 2020


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