Mallard Duck

Here are some pictures I took of Mallard Ducks, these were all taken between 2007 and 2020. This is a very common bird in Ontario, and I often overlook them, but I have got excellent shots over the last several years. I hope you enjoy. The males are characterized by their green heads and brown chest pattern while the females are brown and have muttled texture.


Swim together
Swim Together, 2012


On the water
On the water, 2012


Mallards apr5
Mallards, 2015


Drink, 2013



Duckwave, 2007


Mallards, 2011


Pair 8
Pair, 2018


Betty the duck
Betty the duck, 2009


Mallard face
Mallard Face, 2015


Herron ducks
Heron Ducks, 2011


Mallards close
Mallards close, 2013



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