Robin and Mourning Dove

Robins and Mourning Doves are very common birds in our backyard. Although I often overlook them, I have got a few good pictures of them over the years.


Pepsi Robin, 2020


Sunning robin3
Sunning Robin, 2015


A sign of spring
Robin in Early Spring, 2008



Robin close
Robin at Bird Bath, May 2012


Dove on nest

Dove on nest, 2012


Dove on nest far
Dove on nest, Spring 2012


Robin grandparents 2015 2
Baby Robin, August 2015



Baby robin
Baby Robin, 2014



Profile of robin
Profile of a Robin, 2009


Dove intree
Dove in Tree, 2012


Mourning dove concrete
Mourning dove near Lost Villages Museum, April 2013


February robin
February Robin, in Greys Creek Conservation Area. 2012



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