Digital Art, Abundant, and Sumacs Behind Domtar

Here are 2 digital pieces of artwork I created. The first one is a digital layout I did using Krita and Affinity Publisher. It is from one of the Drawing a Day Exercises I did back in November 2019. The Prompt was the word “Abundant” So I created an Illustration with fruit and vegetables. Since I am trying to get back into Graphic Design, I thought I would add typography to the illustration in my new layout software, Affinity Publisher.

For the second painting. It is a digital painting from one of the photos I took this fall.  It is of Red Sumac Trees along a path with a riverbank below.

Here are the 2 finished versions of the illustarion I created with different text options.

This was the drawing I started from.  It was a drawing a day exercise from November 25th 2020

Here are the working versions of the illustration without the text.

The piece above is the digital painting I created using my Krita Software. It was done with reference to this photo.

I started this project with 2 drawings, and this is the one I used to actually start building the painting.

The drawings below are the working versions of the painting.

I did these 2 projects between January and March 2020. Perhaps the trees in the Sumac Painting could use some more depth, but overall I am very satisfied with these paintings.

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