Ault Beach Pointillism Process

Here is a painting I created of a beach scene, using my pointillism technique. Before I started I did a watercolour painting and a little sketch in acrylic paint.

Here is the photo I started with. I took this photo in 2017  during an unusually warm start to the fall season, and instead of bright oranges and yellows, the trees were dull green and brown colours.

Autumnal beach 4
Autumnal Beach, 2017

Here is the sketch I used for my painting. I changed this one quite a lot as I worked on it, by removing the island which I thought looked artificial, even though it was in my photo.

Ault Beach Pointillism Drawing


The picture below is the watercolour version I created before the main painting. I added a lot of colours  and used my water brushes on the trees.

Ault Beach Watercolour


Here is the rough Acrylic sketch. I used a lot of the same pigments in this that I would use in the final painting.


Ault beach weird island
Ault Beach, Acrylic, Quick Sketch



This is the first version of the painting. I started blocking in my colours with dots and covered a lot of area. This photo was taken at 4.5 hours into the painting process.

Ault Beach Fall, Version 1


Here is the second version of the painting, I added more browns and burnt sienna, and removed the island that  I thought was distracting and looked unnatural. I also added more blue and aqua colours to the water, and whites yellows and oranges to the beach. This photo was taken 9 hours into the painting.

Ault Beach Pointillism, Version 2


The image below is the third version of the painting. I added more reds to the bushes in the distance as well as dull greens and browns to the trees.

I also worked on the reflections and dark sand on the beach. This was taken after 14 hours working on the painting.


Ault Beach Pointillism, Version 3


Here is the 4th version of the painting. I found in this one, the colours went too dark, but I worked on the shadows in the trees and added more greys, blues and purples to the beach. This was taken 19 hours into the painting.

Ault Beach Pointillism, Version 4


Ault beach pointillism final
Ault Beach Pointillism Final

Here you can see the final version of the painting. It took a total of 21 hours and 5 months. In the final version you can see I added more red to the distant bushes and more colours to the sky. I also made the water a brighter blue and added my signature.


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