Red Fox and Small Coyote

Here are some pictures I took of a Red Fox, and a small Coyote. The Red Fox Photos were taken in Lake Ontario Park in Kingston, back in 2008. While the small coyote was taken in October 2014.

At least I am pretty sure the one in 2014 was a small coyote, I cannot be totally certain.

With the 2 pictures of the Fox, I did not have the white balance adjusted well on my camera, and the lighting was very harsh with bright snow and blowing wind.

I hope you enjoy.


Fox Colour-1_ul
Red Fox, Trot, 2008



The Fox_ul
Red Fox, Sniff, 2008



Small Coyote, Sit, 2014



Small Coyote, Scratch, 2014



Small Coyote, Trot, 2014

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