Canada Geese

Canada Geese are an extremely common bird in Eastern Ontario, and can be found anywhere on water, or beaches.

They are extremely annoying how they are always dirtying our beaches, and I very rarely pay attention to them. However they are cute when they have their little Goslings in the spring. It is also neat seeing them fly and swim in formation.

I have managed to get several good shots of Canada Geese over the years, One time in the spring I remember the sky was filled with Canada Geese, and I swear I saw 5000 of them fly over in 40 minutes. I just saw huge flock after huge flock of tiny specks of Canada Geese.

Although these birds are known to Migrate to the East Coast of the United States every winter, many pairs of Canada Geese still stay around Ontario. There is a Wintering population on Lake Ontario where the water never freezes. I’ve also seen them around Cornwall in the winter, although they are way less numerous in numbers than in the Spring and Summer.

Here are my Pictures, I hope you enjoy!

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