Digital Paintings December 30 2019

Here are some digital paintings I created in Fall 2019. One of them was of a Sunset, and done from Photos I took in 2018, while the Other one was a Green Heron from this year. These 2 Paintings were created in Krita, and I find this software very good. It is amazing the variations you can get with paint brushes in Krita.

Here are the 2 photos I started from for the Sunset painting. I took these photos in June 2018, and was very interested in the light in the sky and bright colours.

Here is the first version of the painting. In this stage. I just blotted in the colour, the software was a bit slow recording my marks so I did not get as far as I had hoped.

In this version, I darkened the foreground, and added variation to the vegetation and water. I also touched up the white spots and tried to sharpen my edges.

In this version I added more detail to the vegetation in the foreground, and worked on the clouds. I also blended together the weeds in the water better.

Here is the finished version of the painting, you can see I darkened the foreground even further, as well as added branches to the trees, and worked on the outlines of the clouds.

Overall I am very satisfied how this painting turned out, and think did a good job creating the mood of dusk.

Here is the photo I used for the second painting. This bird is a Green Heron, and I saw several of them in June 2019. I feel this is one of my strongest pictures of Green Herons, which is why I used it.

Since this was my first digital painting, I did not spend much time on the drawing, and traced over the original photo in Krita, I dont usually do this, but for me this exercise was about blending colours in the new software.

I lost a few of the early proofs of this painting, so this one is at least halfway into the painting, but you can still see how it is progressing.

Here is the final version of the painting, you can see I added more dimension to the bird, and tree stump as well as added more highlights to the weeds in the water. Since this bird was my very first digital painting, I did not know exactly how it would turn out. I do think it is good for a first painting.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and how I created these paintings.

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6 thoughts on “Digital Paintings December 30 2019

  1. Interesting approach, Shawn. I had a dabble with this a few years ago, but haven’t progressed it. A number of people I know have done life sessions on their i-pad and I like the way you can paint and incorporate that into a digital image and develop it further digitally. It’s finding time for it all. Happy New Year.


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