Red Squirrel

Here are some pictures of of Red Squirrels that I took over several years. Red Squirrels are very common in Eastern Ontario, but are mostly seen in the country and there are very few of them in Urban Areas.

The squirrel on the grass was taken in 2015 in Charlottenburg Park east of Cornwall, While the Squirrel in the Tree was taken in 2015 near Long Sault. These Squirrels make a very distinctive chattering noise when they are startled, and it is a very pleasant noise to hear. Red squirrels are a lot more shy than their grey squirrel cousins and they often run away as soon as you see them.

2 thoughts on “Red Squirrel

  1. Great images of these little ones. I’m currently in Minnesota and got my first photos of them. So much personality! Unfortunately, I only have boring grey squirrels back home.


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