Fall 2019 Blogpost

Here are my photos from Fall 2019. I managed to get out 4 times on my bike, and did a lot of walking. I to Guindon Park twice, where I hadn’t really got a lot of pictures before.

We had a lot of nice sunny days early this fall which allowed me to get out a lot and snap these pictures.

I also went down the Long Sault Parkway once in Late September, and got some excellent photos of birds.

Some of my favourite photos this fall were my 2 Monarch Butterflies, towering Pine Trees, and the photos I got of the Red Sumac.

Sumac Path, Fall 2019



Sumac Path, Fall 2019



Red Swamp
Red Swamp, Fall 2019



2 Monarch
2 Monarch, or Viceroy Butterflies, Fall 2019



Dark Forest, Fall 2019


Guindon Pines, Fall 2019



Turkeys Walk 1 Crop
Turkeys Walk, Fall 2019



Reflection Heron 3
Heron in the Weeds, Fall 2019



Yellow Trail, Creek, Fall 2019



Yellow Trail, Fall 2019



Light on Trees, Fall 2019



Middle Bay Egret 2
Middle Bay Egret, Fall 2019



Middle Bay Egret 3
Middle Bay Egret, Fall 2019


Flooded Woods, Fall 2019



Flooded Woods, Fall 2019



Dazzle Sky
Dazzle Sky, Fall 2019


Down The River 2
Down the River, Fall 2019



Down the Powerpolls, Fall 2019



Along the Powerlines, Fall 2019


Road Bay 2
Road Bay, Fall 2019



Enterance to the Water 2
Enterance to the Water, Fall 2019


Aster 2019 4 Hosta
Asters, and Hosta, Fall 2019


Dead Tree Vine, Fall 2019



Fern Carpet, Fall 2019



Red Sumacs, Fall 2019


Pecked Trees, Fall 2019


East Guindon Marsh 6
East Guindon Marsh, Fall 2019



Gunidon Marsh
Guindon Marsh, Fall 2019



Hole Through Trees, Fall 2019


Guindon Pond, Fall 2019





4 thoughts on “Fall 2019 Blogpost

  1. What a great bonus for going out enjoying nature and being more fit, Shawn! As was said in an earlier comment, these will remain with you as great resources for future work, not to mention the wonderful memories; Merry Christmas, Shawn 😊


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