White Tailed Deer

Here are some photos of White Tailed Deer I took over the years. It is not unusual for me to see a few deer when I am out riding my bike on the cycling trails near Cornwall.  The most I’ve ever seen at one time was 4 deer which fortunately I was able to photograph.

I always tend to see a lot more Does, Female Deer, than I do the Bucks, Male Deer. In 2014, on an August evening I got some amazing photos of a Doe and a Fawn.

On a few occasions I got too close for comfort to the deer. In 2015 I was photographing a Doe and a Fawn through thick trees, I could hardly see them and didn’t realize how close I was because of my obscured vision. The doe stomped her foot down, then I immediately back away. People don’t usually think of White Tailed Deer as being aggressive, but with any animal it is important to use caution.


Doe and Fawn, 2014


Doe and Fawn, 2014


Four Deer in October, 2011


Powerdam Buck, 2013


deer looking down hill_ul
Deer looking down hill, 2008


Fawn, 2014


Button Buck, 2013


Doe in bushes, 2013


September Deer, 2018


2 thoughts on “White Tailed Deer

  1. You got some great shots! And I never knew that a young buck just getting horns was called a button buck! We get lots of deer around here as well….but as with You, it’s mostly does and fawns. Now and again a buck. They are all so lovely! My highest count on a bike ride one early morning was 7! That was a red letter day! Cheers and Thanks for sharing these!!! 🙂


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