White Tailed Deer

Here are some photos of White Tailed Deer I took over the years. It is not unusual for me to see a few deer when I am out riding my bike on the cycling trails near Cornwall.  The most I’ve ever seen at one time was 4 deer which fortunately I was able to photograph.

I always tend to see a lot more Does, Female Deer, than I do the Bucks, Male Deer. In 2014, on an August evening I got some amazing photos of a Doe and a Fawn.

On a few occasions I got too close for comfort to the deer. In 2015 I was photographing a Doe and a Fawn through thick trees, I could hardly see them and didn’t realize how close I was because of my obscured vision. The doe stomped her foot down, then I immediately back away. People don’t usually think of White Tailed Deer as being aggressive, but with any animal it is important to use caution.

2 thoughts on “White Tailed Deer

  1. You got some great shots! And I never knew that a young buck just getting horns was called a button buck! We get lots of deer around here as well….but as with You, it’s mostly does and fawns. Now and again a buck. They are all so lovely! My highest count on a bike ride one early morning was 7! That was a red letter day! Cheers and Thanks for sharing these!!! 🙂


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