Osprey The Fish Hawk

Osprey are a bird that has always fascinated me. I first started seeing them in Eastern Ontario in the early 2000s. They have now became a very common bird in this region. What I find most interesting about the Osprey is its amazing ability to hover almost perfectly still in midair, then dive into the water to grab a fish. They also make incredible nests which I can only describe as “beaver dens in the sky. These nests are massive at 5 feet across and are piled very high. I have commonly observed Osprey at the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary. I have also seen them when camping at Charlottenburgh Park in Glengarry County

Here are my favourite pictures I got of Ospreys over the years.

Osprey on nest, 2016
Ospreys on nesting platform, with baby, 2015
Osprey on nest, 2016
Osprey in dead tree, 2017
Osprey in dead tree, 2016
Flying Osprey, 2015
Osprey closeup, 2015

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