Winter Wallop

We had our third major snowstorm of the year today, on February 13th 2019 with 30 cm of fresh snow, or 12 inches. Although the winter came in gentle this year, we’ve been hit very hard since mid January. Before the storm we already had 55cm on the ground, or 20 inches. The snowbanks are piling up very high, making it impossible for drivers to see over them when they are backing out of their driveways. I estimate that many of the snowbanks on the sides of the roads are 6 feet deep. In our driveway it is slightly better at 5 feet deep. It took me 40 minutes to shovel this out this morning, and you keep having to push it back to make as room as possible just to pile the snow. I’ve seen snowier winters before. In 2008 we had 10 or 11 feet of snow that winter, but it melted a lot also and the actual depth on the ground never exceeded 3.5 feet. This year I estimate we’ve had 5.5 feet since November which is a lot, but not unusual for a winter in this region. My dad can remember back to the winter of 1972 when Cornwall, and Ottawa had over 4 feet on the ground, and it took until late April to melt. Although Eastern Ontario gets a lot of snow in the winter,  I am greatful however that I do not live in an extremely snow prone area, like the shores of Lake Huron, or Quebec City/ Saguanay where they can on occasion have 6 feet on the ground. Fortunately soon spring will be coming, and the snow will start to melt.

5 thoughts on “Winter Wallop

      1. Central Texas, Shawn. Yes, mid 60s is our usual winter, best time of year here I think 🙂 But “this” winter, from start of November, we’ve had lots of mild freezes, and temps in the 30s & 40s, wet, grey, no snow of course 🙂 We were 80 – again – yesterday, and currently 41 at 12:33 pm! Once we hit the 90s we’re off to near / plus hundreds for several months. Didn’t use to be this bad just a decade or two ago.


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