Merry Christmas Sign Painting

Here is a painting on a Wood Panel that I created last November and December. I started with a page of type experiments and looked for creative Christmassy Text, on

After this, I drew out the scene in my sketchbook. It is a Quebec City Winter Scene.

After this, I painted the canvas with white Gesso, and drew out my scene on the Wood Panel.

The First 2 photos of the painting (below) were taken 1.5 hours into the painting process.

The second photo of the painting (below) was taken 3 hours into the painting process.

The final photo (above) was taken after 4.5 hours of painting and 5 nights of working on the project. Although I say this painting took 4.5 hours to complete, in reality the prep work, drawings, gessoing etc, took almost as long as the painting its self. This was a nice little craft, but I highly doubt I could make something like this marketable for the amount of effort etc, glazing the painting with liquid glass. There was just so much to do in this little project, but it was a lot of fun.

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