Plien Aire, St Rapheals July 2021

Here are some photos and a few drawings I took while on a trip with my Plien Aire group to the St Rapheals Ruins in Glengarry, Ontario. Although I only created 2 drawings and they are not my best. mainly due to them being done too quickly. I also usually pack light, since I do not have a car, and usually only bring what I can fit into my backpack, especially when I am getting a ride somewhere.

The highlight for the trip for me was taking my photos. This was once a catholic church that burned down in the 1970s. After that, the ruins became a tourist attraction.

The original church, I believe was the oldest church in Ontario, Canada. The oldest church left in now the one in St Andrews Ontario, only perhaps 30km away.

Here are my photos!

2 thoughts on “Plien Aire, St Rapheals July 2021

  1. Gorgeous photos! Looks like such an interesting place to visit. I love your sketches and how they give us an idea of your process and how the buildings inspired you. Will you do some paintings based on this experience?


    1. I always use my photographs for my paintings, unfortunately it can sometimes be a few years before I get around to it. I am currently doing a pointillism painting of a Wild Turkey I photographed in 2020.

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