Drawing Exercises

Here are some drawing and painting exercises I did over the last few years. Whenever I get a concept for a new painting, I always do exercises and practice drawings first in my sketchbooks. For example I will draw a drawing using a grid, then draw the exact same drawing again without a grid. I will also do studies of value creating miniature versions using more or less tones. I also do some with different levels of colour.

In the painting above I created drawings by looking at a book on painting animals. I then added the colour and created the different textures. I did not spend too much time on this so it is not fully developed.

In the drawing above, I created different shapes of colour to create drawings using, 4 colours, 6 colours, 8 colours, and 10 colours. In each version the shapes are slightly different.

In this painting, I created different tones of colour, red, blue, yellow, and greyscale. In each version I mixed added the toned colours and this is how it came out.

In these 2 versions, I created the same drawing using a grid, then recreated the exact same scene without the aid of a grid. Sometimes I find using a grid helps to keep everything centre, but it can also make the drawing look rigid. I try not to use grids too much unless it is for the foundation for one of my paintings, but when it comes to drawing birds and animals I can find they can really aid in getting the proportions right.

In this version here, I created the same scene using different textures. The top left is stippling, where I add tone by putting dots of value. In the top left I used a typographical technique where I try to outline the terrain of the drawing and create 3 dimensional shapes of value. In the bottom left, I used hatching which is similar to the typographical with the exception that it does not follow the shape of the objects. In the bottom right, I did outlines of everything while also adding tone.

3 thoughts on “Drawing Exercises

  1. Brave of you to show exercises. I am usually too dissatisfied with the results to show them to anyone else. Also, this is a great reminder that focused practice helps us improve our skills.


    1. These were the ones I was satisfied with, a lot of other ones were not as good. But it was also the photography ie too much glare on the graphite and stuff. Actually come to think about it, they usually come out well. I need to think of some new ideas for exercises.

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