Sumac Pointillism, Acrylic Painting

Here is an Acrylic Painting I created over the summer of 2020. I created this painting in the Pointillism Technique. I think this painting turned out really well and I really like how the light hits the trees.

Above is the original photo I worked from to create the painting, this was taken in October 2018.

I started with a drawing on paper, then transfered it to the canvas with graphite on the back of the paper, pressing into the canvas.

I then started the painting process.

This photo was taken 4.5 hours into the painting. You can see I jotted down a lot of colour really fast. However there is still a lot of work to go in this painting. You can see there are not too many colours in the trail, and the bushes and trees still look flat.

This Photo was taken 10 hours into the painting. You can see I added a lot more colours to the trail, and added more depth to the trees and bushes. I also added some more colour to the little red sumac leaves growing off to the side, as well as the shadows on the trail.

In this version, I added some more white, and very light tints back into the painting. This is especially noticable on the trail, and in the red sumac bushes. I also added more of a hint of sunlight shining on the grass in the foreground. This photo was taken 15 hours into the painting.

Here is the final version of the painting which took a total of 18 hours. I did this painting over several months, and only worked on it 1 or 2 days a week. In this version, you can see I added more depth to the shadows, and the bushes in the foreground.

After the painting was completed, I put 5 layers of transparent liquid glass over the painting to give it a more shiny finish.

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