White Trillium Pointillism Process

Here is the process I went through to create my “White Trillium Pointillism” painting. This was a small painting at 16″x12″ and overall I was very satisfied with it. You can see in this post how I built up the detail in the flowers as I worked on it.

Trilliums are a flower that grows in the forests of Eastern North America in the Springtime. They like pristine hillsides in old growth forest, and are very particular with where they grow.

They usually bloom in Eastern Ontario in the first couple of weeks of May. They are known for their three leaves, and although the main colour is white they also come in Red, and Moulted White and Pink,

The Trillium is also the provincial flower of Ontario, and is shown as a logo on a lot of government documents.

I started with the photo I took in May 2018.

I then did a couple of studies, a watercolour version, as well as an Acrylic one with a White Trillium as well as a Trout Lilly. I included my drawings of trout lillies in this posting because they are another spring flower that comes out on the forest floor also in Early May.

The first step of the painting was a drawing on cartridge paper, which I then transferred to canvas by putting graphite on the back of the paper.

I then began building up the painting. I added as many dots as possible to create the tone of the painting and mixed several dark shades of Raw umber and Phtalo Blue, as well as Burnt Sienna and Phtalo Blue. You can see at this early stage there is not much detail in the flower yet or definition between the leaves and the background.

This photo was taken 4.5 Hours into the painting process.

I then began adding more detail to the leaves and flowers. I built up reds, and dark blues as well as off whites and greys in the flower itself. I also added the yellow and raw umber to stamen of the flower. I also worked on the gradient of the tree trunk to the right of the Trillium Flower. This photo was taken 10 hours into the painting.

I then continued to add more whites and greys to the background since I felt it was getting too bright. I also continued to work on the flower and added some more layers of off whites, greys and darks to the flower itself. With the leaves I tried to outline them a bit with white, and create the darker veins.  I also toned down the gradient on the tree trunk a bit since I found it was distracting. At this stage I also added some of my Tri Art Sap Green which is a really dark pigment that instantly turns any colour it is mixed with to leafy hues. This photo was taken 15 hours into the painting.

Here is the final version of the painting. In the last version I added more browns of burnt sienna and phtalo blue. I also added some more greys.

This painting took a total of 18 hours to complete.

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