Hint of Fall Painting Process

Here is the process I went through to create my “Hint of Fall” painting. I did this painting in July, and August 2019, and it took a total of 11 hours to complete.

This is the original photo I used to create the painting. This photo was taken in late September 2017, and shows very muted, and dull fall colours. It was a beautiful warm and sunny September, so a lot of the colours were delayed this year. I really like how the composition turned out in this painting, which is the main reason why I chose it.

The above picture, is the original drawing I used for the painting, I drew it out using a grid, and by creating an identical grid on my computer, I then transferred it to the canvas, using graphite.

Here is the first version of the painting, this was created after 4.5 hours. I found for this painting, my new professional grade acrylic paints are more opaque which helped me to get things down quicker.

Here is the second version of the painting, this was created after 9 hours of work. I found compared to the first version, I really worked on the flowers in the lower left-hand corner. I also added more layers to the trees, and the beach, and weeds growing in the water.

The above photo is the final version of the painting, this was created after 11 hours. I really adjusted the weeds in the water, as well as the water itself, I also darkened the flowers in the foreground, and added more light highlights to the trees. I am extremely satisfied with how this painting turned out, and really think it is one of my strongest landscapes.

3 thoughts on “Hint of Fall Painting Process

  1. Wonderful process & result, Shawn! And I kinda like both v1 & v2, but in different ways. Like the 1st has a soft watercolor like effect to me, while v2 has more a jewel quality. And esp like the canvas or paper texture showing through in the latter. Very nice! 😊


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