Guindon Park Fall, Acrylic Painting

Here is an acrylic painting I created in late 2020. It is a fall scene near Cornwall, Ontario. I really like how this painting turned out, and I think it has some interesting texture.

I started with my reference photos, which I took in September 2019.

I then created a drawing on paper, and transfered it to the canvas by graphite transfer, where I put graphite on the back of the paper and press into it with a pencil.

Here is a photo I took of a painting 4.5 hours into the painting process. You can see, I blocked in the colours, but it still looks flat, and there is not a lot of detail yet. I also put my table on an angle to create a runny look on the path, but I was uncertain with the look.

Here is the second photo of the painting, taken around 10 hours into it. You can see I added more layers and detail. I covered up the trail, and added a lot more texture to the swamp. I also added many transparent layers to the trees to try to create more dimension. For the red trees, I used Napathol Red, Quinacrodone Magenta, Primary Yellow, and Burnt Sienna.

Here is the completed photo, taken after around 18 hours working on the painting. You can see in the final version I touched up the leaves on the trees adding more leaf clumps and a few more holes in the trees to make them look more natural. Overall I am very satisfied with this painting, and I really like how the texture worked out.

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