Monarch, and Viceroy Butterfly

There are 2 types of butterflies around here that look very similar, and I find them hard to tell apart. They are the Monarch Butterfly, and Viceroy Butterfly.

Monarch Butterflies migrate to Northern Mexico every fall, and it can take up to 5 generations before the butterflies return to Canada, which means that the butterflies up here, may never make it to Mexico.

Monarch butterflies eat Milkweed, which suspects me to believe that I have more pictures of Viceroy butteflies, since I do not think Monarchs land on Asters, the blue and yellow flowers in my photos.

I have observed these butteflies my whole life, but know the Monarch is in decline due to more recent frost events in Mexico.

Here are my pictures.

2 thoughts on “Monarch, and Viceroy Butterfly

  1. We may see the Monarchs here in southern California more often than you do in eastern Canada, because we’re in their major migration route to Mexico. I’m delighted to learn they visit you there. They’re one of the world’s most threatened species, and their numbers have plunged to disastrously low levels, due to pesticides and habitat loss, not just frost. And, for the record, your photos of the flowers are as striking as those of the butterflies. Nice work.


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