Here are some photos of Chipmunks I took over the years. The chipmunk is a very small, and discrete mammal that you don’t normally notice but occasionally they will make themselves visible in the woods.

My grandparents used to feed the Chipmunks at their house when I was a kid, and I would tie a string around a peanut and tease the chipmunk, by pulling its peanut away.

2 thoughts on “Chipmunk

  1. They’re indomitable creatures. We had a great encounter with one at 10,000 feet in the White Mountains of California a couple of summers ago. We’d stopped to eat our lunch, sitting on rocks by the trail. It was the middle of the day, and we didn’t expect to see any wildlife at all. But a chimpmunk skittered down from the steep slope above, circled around us and suddenly popped up, right in front of us, obviously checking to see if any stray food was within snatching distance.
    No, we did not feed him. Doesn’t do anyone any good to introduce outside food into the wilderness.
    He popped out of sight, but for most of our lunch, he kept reappearing. “Just checking.”
    Excellent shots, Shawn.


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