Green Heron

Here are some pictures of Green Herons. I was fortunate enough to photograph a few of these birds back in July. I also got a few pictures in October 2016. This is a bird I’ve seen more frequently in recent years, but they are not overly common.

4 thoughts on “Green Heron

      1. Dont talk to me about photos, just processing over 3500 and storing around 1500 prints. Anyway you have the dark, cold winter days ahead – plenty of time for painting.


      2. That’s always how I work. I take photos in the summer, then paint more in the winter. I’m sure its just as brutal in England. Not as much snow/ Cold but the dampness outside must be very harsh. I find the time between November and Late February the worst because the sun is setting at like 4:30pm and there is just not enough light. I’m sure in England it even sets earlier. I actually don’t mind the cold that much, especially on a sunny day. You can still be comfortable at -14C on a sunny afternoon.

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