Art Upload July 12th 2021

Here are some paintings and drawings from April, May and June 2021, I hope you enjoy. In this upload I am featuring some of my Polycromos Pencil Drawings, and Pitt Pastel Drawings. In this post I also included 3 drawing exercises including 2 colour shapes exercises where I recreate a scene using a limited number of colours as well as a drawing, as well as a coloured pencil done with just Burnt Sienna and Greys.

Guindon Pond Watercolour, May 2021
Hosta Hearts Watercolour, June 2021
Guindon Pond Pine, Polycromos, May 2021
Creek Tree Greyscreek Polycromos, June 2021.
Cardinal, Polycromos, April 2021
Greys Creek willow polycromos, June 2021
Cold Day May Looking East, Polycromos, March 2021
Long Sault Weeds, Polycromos, April 2021
Cool Day May, Looking west 2, Polycromos, June 2021
Colourshapes 2, May 2021
Colourshapes 1, May 2021
Backyard tree polycromos
Burnt Sienna, Polycromos, May 2021

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