Art Upload July 6th 2021

Here are some paintings and drawings I did over April, May and June 2021, In this upload I featured 2 Acrylic Paintings, Polycromos Drawings, and Pitt Pastel Drawings. I really like how my Wild Turkey at the Birdfeeder turned out, one thing I did different with it was to add sun beams with mixing white, since the background in my photos where not too nice, I took a lot of creative liberty with the background and am really satisfied with the results. For the second painting I like how I created a muted tone of greens and greys, I also added many transparent glazes too this painting, and although it is a summer day, the light is not too strong. I hope you enjoy!

Wild Turkey At Birdfeeder, Acrylic, June 2021
Many greens, Acrylic, June 2021
Pilon Island, Polycromos, May 2021
Tree Blight, Polycromos, May 2021
Robin Sunning, Pitt Pastel, May 2021
Guindon Park pond1, Polycromos, May 2021
Guindon Park pond1, Pitt Pastels, May 2021
St Lawrence, Pitt Pastel, May 2021
Willow East, Polycromos, May 2021
Long Sault Spring, Polycromos, April 2021

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