Quick Sketches May 28th 2021

Here are some quick sketches from March, April and Early May 2021.

Most of these were done indoors due to it being early spring, however I did get outside a few times too with the beautiful weather in April. These were done in Pitt Pastel, Pencils, Polycromos Pencils, and Watercolour Paint, I hope you enjoy.

Cardinal Watercolour, Quick Sketch
Early Spring, Quick Sketch
Spruce Tree Wild, Quick Sketch
Greys Creek Mouth, Quick Sketch
Guindon Tree Swamp, Quick Sketch, Watercolour
Guindon Tree, Quick Sketch
Blue Jay Watercolour, Quick Sketch
Daffodils, Quick Sketch
Bleeding Heart Iight, Quick Sketch
Angel Plant 2021, Quick Sketch
Ivy 2021, Quick Sketch
Bloodroot, Quick Sketch
Cool Day In May, Quick Sketch
Cornwall Dock, Quick Sketch
Heron Long Sault, Quick Sketch
Shitcreek Watercolour, Quick Sketch
Greys Creek Trees, Quick Sketch
Guindon Swamp, Quick Sketch

5 thoughts on “Quick Sketches May 28th 2021

  1. The patchy way you apply watercolour ( on the blue jay and cardinal amongst others) is intriguing and gets my attention and, for me, adds another dimension to the subject.


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