Art Upload December 4th 2020

Here are some drawings from September, October and November 2020. Some of these include 2 drawings of Montreal City Hall, Scenes along the St Lawrence River, and Trees, I hope you enjoy.

Montreal City Hall Loose, November 2020
Montreal City Hall, Tight, October 2020
Long Sault Fall, October 2020
Backyard Visitor, July 2020
Ault Island, Coloured Pencils, September 2020
Cooks Tavern Coloured Pencils, September 2020
Quebec Light House 1, August 2020
Powerdam Fall, Coloured Pencils, August 2020
Azelea, October 2020
Woodlands Day Use, Coloured Pencils, October 2020
Woodlands Fall, Coloured Pencils, Toned Sketchbook, October 2020
Water Lillies, Pitt Pastels, July 2020
Mammals of Ontario, Red Squirrel
Mammals of Ontario, Beluga Whale
Semi Bliend Contour Drawing, Canada Geese. August 2020

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