Quick Sketches November 16th 2020

Here are some Quick Sketches I did in Late August, September and October. Many of these were done outside in the nice weather. 4 of these sketches were done from photos, when a wild turkey visited my bird feeder, and also 2 scenes of the St Lawrence River. I also did sketches of our summer vegetables and flowers in the garden. I hope you enjoy.

Woodlands Day Use Area, Watercolour, October 2020
Woodlands Day Use Area, Tree, October 2020
Birdfeeder Turkey, Visitor July 2020, Painted August 2020
Impatien Garden September 2020
Impatien Garden September 2020
Garden Harvest, September 2020
Late Summer Garden, Polycromos, September 2020
Mums, Begonias, Polycromos, September 2020
Turkey Bird Feeder Pitt Pastels, August 2020
Rock Garden Pitt Pastels, September 2020
Guindon Hill, Pitt Pastel, September 2020
Cucumberplant September 2020
Dogwood October 2020
Dogwood September 2020
Norway Maple Chair, August 2020
Maple Trees, October 2020

3 thoughts on “Quick Sketches November 16th 2020

  1. These are beautiful! You have a very distinctive style and I especially love the first watercolour of the river and the wild turkey at your bird feeder. 😀


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