Quick Sketches May 11th 2020

Here are some quick sketches from March and April 2020. Most of these were done indoors using photos due to the cool weather, but I did get outside a few times in April. I also did a few sketches looking outside at the backyard from inside the house. The 2 Early Spring, April 6th drawings were done outside in the backyard. I also did 2 sketches of Algonquin Park from a Micheal Runtz Photography Book.


I hope you enjoy!

Guindon park trees red

Guindon Park Trees, Watercolour, March 2020


Guindon pond watercolour qs
Guindon Pond, Watercolour, April 2020



Shed tree
Shed Tree, March 2020



Eagle watercolour
Eagle watercolour, Quick Sketch, March 2020



Early spring 2 qs
Early Spring, Quick Sketch


Early spring qs
Early Spring, Quick Sketch, April 2020



Spontaneous painting mar 2020
Spontaneous Painting, March 2020



Guindon pond watercolour qs
Guindon Pond, Watercolour, March 2020


Algonquin qs
Algonquin Park, Quick Sketch, April 2020


Algoquin bear qs
Algonquin Bear, Quick Sketch, March 2020



Guindon fall qs
Guindon Fall, Quick Sketch. March 2020



Green heron watercolour
Green Heron, Watercolour, March 2020



Angel plant qs
Angel Plant, Quick Sketch, March 2020


Ivy qs
Ivy, Quick Sketch, March 2020



Orchid qs
Orchids Quick Sketch, March 2020



Bird feeder spruce
Bird Feeder, Spruce, Quick Sketch, March 2020



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