Art Upload April 10th 2020

Here are some paintings and drawings from January, February, and March 2020. Over this time I completed 2 Acrylic Paintings, one was a pointillism painting of a beach scene, as well as a painting of different birds and insects. I also did 3 drawings in my toned sketchbook, and 2 large drawings using my Pitt Pastels. I also created a “Montreal Sign” with the word Montreal and the city skyline. I divided this post into 2 parts since I have so many to show this time.

This is Part 1

Birds of Prey, Graphite, February 2020

3 thoughts on “Art Upload April 10th 2020

  1. I really like the beach scene, Shawn. The red on the shore has you peering in to see what it is – but you’re giving nothing away. There is almost an abstract or aboriginal feel to it particularly if you view it by cutting off the tops of the trees. Nice.


    1. They are red Bushes, its a fall scene in a year when there was not too much colour other than browns and dull greens, but I noticed in my photo that the bushes growing along the shore were dull red, so instead I made them a brighter red.

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