Passing Over Pointillism Process

Here is a pointillism painting I did of an Ominous Cloud over a country road. I started from a photo I took back in 2017. Then did a few practice exercises before starting the painting. I showed this painting in a Jurried Art show just a few weeks ago and it was accepted into the show.

Here is the photo I took back in 2017 when I was camping with my parents in a Cabin on the Long Sault Parkway.


I started with my rough drawings. The first one was a quick study in Pitt Pastels, where I just blocked in some shapes quickly.


Passing Over, Pitt Pastels, 2018


The second version was in Coloured Pencils. Where I did more blending

Passing Over, Coloured Pencil 2018


Although I was quite satisfied with the watercolour version. I found I did not quite get the perspective right on the road. I used a few different greens, yellows, purples and browns.  I really did find I got the gestures of the trees well.


passing_over_watercolour 2_ul
Passing Over Watercolour

I started the painting from a drawing. I then transferred it to the canvas by putting graphite on the back of the paper.


Passing Over Painting, Drawing


I then started painting. In this photo I am 4.5 hours into the painting. You can see the colours are starting to build up, and I actually have some dark values. But this is still very early in the painting, and you can see there are not too many colours yet.


Passing Over, Version 1


The second photo of the painting was taken 10 hours into the painting process. You can see, I am starting to add some smaller dots, and more dimension to the trees and vegetation. I also added some more whites to the highlights of the clouds.


Passing Over, Version 2


In the third photo of the painting, I added some more white back in to the background. I also worked on the highlights of the tree’s and added more layers to the weeds at the bottom. I also tried to make them look “weedier” by adding brown upward marks that make it look like reeds. I also worked on the lines in the road, and the guardrails. This photo was taken 14.5 Hours into the painting.

Passing Over, Version 3

Here is the finished painting. I added some more saturated greens into the trees, and used some of my Tri Art mixing green which is extremely saturated to mix many shades of greens. I also worked some more on the weeds and really got the weedy look down pact. I also spent some more time on the clouds, in particular the bottoms of the clouds where I added more dimension.

Passing Over Pointillism, 2019


Overall I am quite satisfied with this painting. One thing I found where I struggled with it was that I did not quite achieve the level of detail that I had hoped for. But maybe that is more to do with my choice of scene which is not overly detailed.  This painting took a total of 22 hours which is quite quick for one of my pointillist pieces.

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