Quick Sketches December 23rd 2019

Here are some Quick Sketches I did in September, October, and November 2019. I managed to do a few watercolour paintings in this time, as well as sketches from photos.

I did not do much drawing outside in this time since it was getting colder. I did however do 2 sketches outside in October. One was of a Dogwood Bush, and a Leaf Pile.

Near the end of November, I did 2 quick sketches of Quebec City from some of my old pictures from 2015. I really like how they turned out, and think they give a good impression of the city.


Trillium watercolour
Trillium, Watercolour, Nov 2019



Green heron watercolour
Green Heron, Watercolour, Nov 2019



Streets of Old Quebec 1
Streets of Old Quebec, Pitt Pastel, Nov 2019



Streets of old quebec2
Streets of Old Quebec, Pitt Pastel, Nov 2019



Sydney street watercolour
Sydney Street, Watercolour, Sept 2019



Osprey tree pastel

Osprey Tree, Pitt Pastel, Nov 2019



Dogwood rock garden
Dogwoood, and Rock Garden, Oct 2019



Trillium Pastel
Trillium, Pitt Pastel, Nov 2019



October leaf pile
October Leaf Pile, Pitt Pastel, Oct 2019



Perspective watercolour
Perspective, Drawing A Day Exercise, October 2019



Spontaneous painting dec2019
Spontaneous Painting, Watercolour, Dec 2019



Peony watercolour
Peony Watercolour, Sept 2019



Ault beach weird island
Ault Beach, Weird Island, Nov 2019



Apple Blossoms
Apple Blossoms, Pitt Pastel, Nov 2019



Green heron pastel
Green Heron, Pitt Pastel, Nov 2019

4 thoughts on “Quick Sketches December 23rd 2019

  1. I’ve always liked your sketches, Shawn, and these are particularly nice, filled with charm and warm nuance of expression. I’ve only just recently begun re- experimenting (since the late 80s) w/acrylics, esp in terms of washes – the tech side has advanced so much I’m hoping I can capture some of what watercolors offer, and that I see in some your “spontaneous” almost Tiffany glass pieces here. All the best, and Happy Holidays! 😊


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