Art Upload November 10th 2019

Here are some paintings and drawings from September, and October 2019. Durring this time I did 2 acrylic paintings, one of a juvenile Blue Heron, as well as an Abstracted Sky, in this upload I also included a Plien Aire Painting of a Tree that was done out in the open air when I was at a cabin this summer.

I also did 3 watercolour paintings, 3 of sumac trees from photos I took this summer, as well as one from a few years ago at a local beach. I also started something new the last month, “Drawing A Day” drawings where they give you a word prompt for every day of the month, and you have to come up with something for it. I did not do all 31 drawings last month, in fact I think I only did 5 or 6, but they got me thinking in creative ways.

One piece that really surprised me in this upload was my bird, and insect collage from September 27th. I photographed these creatures when I was biking down the Long Sault Parkway, and thought I would turn it into a collage of drawings.


Juvenile Heron, October 2019



Break in the Sky, Acrylic, October 2019



Woodlands Tree, Acrylic, July 2019



Ault Beach, Fall, September 2019



Sumac Watercolour, October 2019



Sumac Watercolour, October 2019



Apple Blossoms, Coloured Pencils, October 2019



Through The Trees to the Water, October 2019



Peonies and Dogwood, September 2019


Sept 27 Bike Ride, done in November 2019



Trillium Graphite, October 2019



Tree Compositions 2, October 2019



Tree Compositions 1, October 2019



Whisper, October 12th 2019



Giggles, Drawing a Day, October 11th 2019



Crow, Drawing A Day, October 25th 2019



Shrubs by River, October 2019




3 thoughts on “Art Upload November 10th 2019

  1. I really like the bird – so Florida-ish! I like how it glows. You’ve been busy, I see. I also enjoyed your compositions sketches – good to see this kind of thinking and how you work it out. I tend to like working from photographs as my composition “sketch.” You inspire me to sketch it out first.


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