Solounge Canal Biking

Here are some pictures I took on a bike ride along the Solounge Canal in western Quebec.

In Late June, I went with my dad and my uncle to bike along the Solounge Canal. We started at the Hotel Victoria in Les Coteaux, and headed east through the Villages of Coteau Du Lac, and Le Ceders. We had lunch at a Restaurant in Le Cedars and then biked back along the Canal and Bike Trail. The Trail was extremely flat, and well maintained. There were lots of trees along the Canal bank which helped keep us cool.

4 thoughts on “Solounge Canal Biking

    1. I live in the eastern most city in Ontario. Quebec is only a 20 minute drive. Downtown Montreal is 1 hour 10 minutes away. Cornwall is a very bilingual city with at least 40% of the population speaking French as their main language. But it can also make it hard for an Anglophone to get a job, especially in government. It always fascinates me to see people going back and forth between the 2 languages in a conversation. I wish I spoke better French, but it can be hard to learn as an Adult.


      1. Yes we do that a lot in my family, switch back and forth between languages. I didn’t realize Cornwall was so bilingual. Speaking a language is all about immersion and practice. BTW, the right spelling is Soulanges Canal 😉


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