Art Upload February 6th 2019

Here are my recent drawings and watercolour paintings from December and January 2019. I don’t have any acrylic paintings in this upload although I am currently working on 2 pointillism pieces. I did however feature 2 watercolours paintings. One of an ominous cloud over the Long Sault Parkway, as well as White Trillium. I also did  2 drawings in my Toned Sketchbook, including the Barber Shop at the Lost Villages Museum, which I did this with a combination of Pen and Ink and Coloured Pencils. I also did a drawing of 2 White Tailed deer  in Colourd Pencil.

For practice with unusual organic shapes, I did the outline of countries including Canada, Australia, and Europe. Land-forms have an interesting pattern to them that is hard to draw, but I like to practice this sort of thing.

One other experiment I did was with using pastels on a canvas pad and practicing the green shapes of trees. I am hoping to post more uploads in the coming months, and have a new domain for my blog.


Passing Over, Watercolour, 2019


Lost Villages, Barber Shop, 2019


Doe and Fawn, Coloured Pencil, 2018


Sumac Path, 2019


White Trillium, Watercolour, 2019


White Trillium, Coloured Pencil, 2019


East Sky Causway, 2019


Sumac Path, 2019


Canada, 2018


Australia, 2018


Europe, 2018


Verdant Greens, Pastel, 2019


White Tailed Deer, 2018


Monarch, 2018


Heron, Pen and Ink, 2019


Woodlands Picnic, Coloured Pencil, 2019



2 thoughts on “Art Upload February 6th 2019

  1. These are wonderful, Shawn! Happy New Year! I absolutely love Your art. In this post it’s fun seeing such a variety of things You’ve been drawing and all the different stages. Your watercolours blow me away. Thank You! Cheers!!! 🙂


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