Art Upload December 5th 2018

Here is my recent artwork from September, October and November 2018.  Over this time I submitted 3 paintings in our Fall Focus Art show. Which included my 2 recent paintings Ducks on a Log and Woodlands Sunset. They were small paintings at 12″x9.” I also did a larger Acrylic Painting of some Trees that are casting evening shadows, and has interesting contrast.  Recently I created a  watercolour painting from one of the photos I got this summer at the CN Tower, I added some pen work to this painting with my new Pen and Ink Set. as well as several drawings including some of people which I did from a drawing book as practice. Drawing people is definitely a weak area for me as I mostly do landscapes and animals. I also touched up an older painting of a Red Trillium that I did in 2016 as well as some patterns and a “Dendroid” which is a shape in nature that resembles how trees, blood vessels and rivers branch off into smaller tree like channels. The other 4 patterns are for the hand painted Christmas bulbs that I am currently working on, and I did them really quickly just to see what simple patterns I could create. I also did 2 exercises of different textures.


Please tell me what you think.


MacDonnell Island Trees, 2018


Ducks on a Log, 2018



Woodlands Sunset, 2018



Red Trillium Revisit, 2018



CN View, Watercolour, 2018



Chipmunk Trail, Typographical Texture, 2018



Textures, Colour, 2018


Dendroid, 2018



People, From Drawing Book, 2018



Gardening, From Drawing Book, 2018



Colour Shapes, Lilacs, 2018


Children Playing, Upper Canada Village, 2018



CN View, Coloured Pencil, 2018


Christmas Lights Pattern, 2018



Lines and Marks Pattern, 2018



Mark Pattern, 2018



triangle_pattern 2
Triangle Pattern, 2018


trillium_charcoal 2
Trillium Charcoal, 2018

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