Quick Sketches November 15th 2018

Here are some quick sketches I did between September, and November 2018.  Some of these were done outdoors this fall before it got too cold. I really like the one of the Orange Tree along a pond that is attached to the St Lawrence River. I also did some watercolour  sketches, and line and wash with watercolour and pen and ink. I also did a few quick dabbles with Acrylic Paint, and tried out some of my new professional acrylic paint.  Some of these were also done by photograph including the CN View, Chipmunk Trail, and Woodlands Sunset.

Please Tell my what you think, any feedback would be appreciated.


Woodlands Sunset, Quick Sketch, 2018



Upper Canada Children, 2018



Poppies Abstract, Quick Sketch, 2018



CN View, Quick Sketch, 2018



Hint of Fall, Quick Sketch, 2018



Island, Quick Sketch, 2018



Picnic, Quick Sketch 2018



Chipmunk Trail, Quick Sketch, 2018



Hosta’s Sept, 2018



Verdant Isle, 2018



Potted Mum, 2018

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